Building Self Confidence The Easy Way: The Art of Looking Successful

Standing in front of an audience of a thousand people all looking expectantly up at her as she stood awkwardly behind a microphone, she was nervous but excited too.

Just a year before she couldn’t speak in front of 15 people, much less a thousand. Her heart would beat so fast that she felt like she might die standing in front of a small crowd. Something felt very different this time for her and that was a good thing.

Have you ever felt that way?

If you have an issue with low self-confidence it can be painful. I know how it feels because I use to be just like you.

Low self esteem is a very real problem because it can:

  1. Make you feel negative all the time
  2. Lead to overeating, panic attacks or other symptoms of low self confidence
  3. Cause you to think you’ll never succeed in building self confidence

That can be repaired with a few simple techniques that work to alleviate negative feelings in the short term and restore feelings of confidence and well-being over time.

However, remember this… If you feel you are depressed, get help now!

Suffice it to say, if you feel that you are depressed PLEASE go see a doctor and get help right away.

There is a strategy used by actors that can work for you! This can help you in self confidence building just like exercise helps build strength.

You’ll feel the positive results once you focus on building self confidence.

That strategy is called ‘method acting’.

The reason it works in self confidence buildings is that even for those of us who are not trained actors we FEEL more when we act certain ways.

Modeling successful people is an age old strategy, called ‘method acting’ that still works today. In fact, do it long enough and you begin to behave in that manner even when you’re not trying. Basically you will BE the model, feeling better and building self confidence all along the way.

For example take a moment to smile really big and put a little enthusiasm in it. If a negative thought pops up while you are doing this just visualize putting a big ‘X’ over that thought and shoo it away.

Now are you finding it easy to banish negative thinking?

If so, that’s because you put the feeling into the action when you smiled with enthusiasm.

Do you know someone right away you could model? If so, visualize them and make their actions something to study.

Any time you are in a position where you need to rely on looking self-confident just call that person to mind. Every time you visualize them, see, feel and think like they would.

You will feel lighter, more energetic and it won’t just be one section of your body that is affect! You’ll feel it everywhere. It is scientifically proven!

You’ll feel everything you ‘act’ inside your heart and whole body. Interestingly, when other people see you act in confident ways they begin to treat you as though you are a person who’s confident which can boost your confidence even further.

To understand how that is possible, consider how you feel about successful people. Do you admire them, respect and treat them with a little more authority?

The fact is people like to hire, buy from, work with those they feel are already successful.

Notice how people gravitate toward speakers, politicians and business people who they feel have the power of success already built in their being.

That is the power of appearing self confident even if you’re not.

It may sound a little hokey, but it works. Just by acting successful, people will assume that you are.

You can also boost positive thinking and confidence these other ways:

  1. Dress nicely How you feel about yourself is often affected by the very clothes you wear.
  2. Stand straight. Those who feel good tend to stand straight. You can affect a lot of how you feel just by doing this. No slumping! The way you stand can have a real effect on reducing confidence.
  3. to inspire yourself is easy when you surround yourself with books, tapes and inspired people.

You remember the girl I talked about at the beginning? That was me. After years of feeling such fear, it was such a relief to let go and soar. You can too!

Make a pledge today to start with little steps and work your way up. You’re life will be changed forever when you do.

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